• Kozhamkulova Zh.Zh., Samidinova A.A.

Scientific basis of forming a strategy of growth of the grain industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan    59-62

  • Kabilbekov K.A., Ashirbayev H.A., Saidakhmetov P.A., Rustemova K.Z., Baidullaeva L.E.

Model of the form of computer laboratory work organization for research on diffraction of light    71-76

  • Kuralbayev Z.K., Taurbekova A.A.

Study of the problem of releasing of dome raising of surface of the earth's crust    77-79

  • Kctbylbekov K.A., Ashirbayev H.A., Takibayeva G.A., Saparbayeva Е.М., Baidullaeva L.E., Adineeva S.I.

Model of form of computer laboratory work organization on research of movement of the charged particles in magnetic field and mass spectrometer work    80-86

  • Zhokhov A.L., SaidakhmetovP.A., NurullayevM.A., Serimbetova A.E., Khozhayeva G.T.

About the problem of development of theory and practice of students' knowledge control organisation at physics lessons    87-91

  • Altynbekov K.D., Yestemessov Z.A., Barvinov А. V., Burkitbaev А.К.

Development of technology for dental gypsum obtaining     92-98

  • Alaukhanov Е.О.

Topical issues of legal education in Kazakhstan     99-101

  • Ayupova Z.K., Kussainov D.U.

To the origins of the spiritual roots of the Kazakh national idea     102-108

  • Turekulova D.M., Zhumanova B.K., Syrlybayeva N.Sh., Tastanbekova K.N., Shamuratova N.B.

Realization industrial politicians Kazakhstan: scientific approach    109-114

  • ToleshovD.K., KokenovaА.Т., ImanbayevA.A.

Improvement of innovative activity of communication of the enterprise in production pricing formation     115-119

  • Shamuratova N.B., Tastanbekova K.N., Turekulova D.M., Zhumanova B.K., Syrlybayeva N.Sh.

Prerequisites of common principles and rules on competition in the customs union and the united economic space     120-126

  • Ishpekbayev Zh.E., Zhampeisova K.K. , Khan N.N. , Kaliyeva S.I., Sholpankulova G.K., Bekbenbetova K.

Outcomes of education of the Kazakh national pedagogical university named after Abai    127-141

  • Akopova E.A.

Comparison of standarts of ecological state law - EAEC members    142-146

  • Zhatkanbayeva А.Е., Alibayeva G.A.

On the classification of information with limited access    147-153

  • KozhabekK.M.

Value concepts of «quality of life» and «standard of living» in the definition of a healthy lifestyle    154-159

  • GusevM.A., Akopova E.A., Salykhbayeva A.T.

Problems of perfection of private ownership right on agricultural land    160-164


To the 80th anniversary of Dyachkov Boris Aleksandrovich


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