• Kudaibergenova B.K.

The equation of the electromagnetic field of the antenna loop in anisotropic metamaterial      5-9

  • Dzhumadullayeva S.A., Bayeshov A.B., AltynbekovaM.O., Abzhalov B.S.

Reaction of hydrazinolysisof butyl ester of trichloroacetic acidsat presence of the heterogeneous catalyst      10-15

  • Suerbaev Kh.A.

Synthesis of carboxylic acids by carboxylation of organic compounds with carbon dioxide and its derivatives      15-41

  • Kudaibergenova B.K.

Diagrams of loop antenna orientation in the uniaxial crystal      41-46

  • Balabekov O.S., Ismailov B.R., Volnenko A.A., Ismailov Kh.B.

Mathematical model of transfer of gas mix with drops in a contact zone of the mass-exchanged device with spiral nozzles      46-55

  • Ozhikenov K.A., Mikhailov P.G., Kassimov A.O., Bayanbay N., Kuatkanova J.

Combined sensors of physical parameters      55-64

  • Kartanova A.Dzh., Sulaimanova S.M.

Simulation process gas flow in the areas with perforated partition      64-70

  • Baymukhametov A.A., Martynov N.I., Tanirbergenov A.G.

Mechanics of forming asthenosphere diapirism with phase changes      71-81

  • Mukapil K., Beketova G., Zhumangalieva N., Tulemisova V.

Threats for systems of biometrics-neural networks authentication      81-84

  • Kenshimov Ch., Yedilkhan D.

Hierarchical temporal memory: new approach in pattern recognition      85-91

  • Nadirov N.K., Solodova E.V., Kydyralina N.N., Kasymkulov A.K

The basic construction of greenhouses and methods power supply using alternative energy sources      92-101

  • Isakov O.A., Bekmagambetov S.S.

Modern technologies for processing waste of light industry      102-107

  • Esimkhanova А.К., Akimbekova А.М., Sabirova L.B., Rogov E.I.

Justification of the performance producing wells of time      107-112

  • Mashekov S.A., Nurakhmetova K.K.

Problems of stamping turbine blades made of titanium alloys and ways of solutions      112-120

  • Baraev A., Dzhanzakov I.I., Zhumabaev M.J., Kulzhataeyva K.M., Tulep A.S.

Application of liquid baths for liquidation stuck pipe      120-122

  • Suleimenova N.Sh., Sagindykov A.M.

Ecological aspects and morfological qalifiers of poplar berikkarensis      123-128

  • Rustemov D.U., Abdrakhmanova G.T.

Analysis of the poultry sector in Kazakhstan      129-133

  • Alymkulov M.S.

Analysis of the ecological safety problem      133-137

  • Seytmetova A.M., Talkhanbayeva Z.A.

Research of degree of air dirt adherence in Turkistan by the polluting substances      138-144

  • Almenova A.A.

Efficiency of transport logistic in agrarian sector of economy      145-148

  • Dandaeva B.M.

Current state of investment and development of agriculture in Kazakhstan      149-154

  • Almenova A.A.

Design features of transport works in agrarian sector of economy      155-159

  • Talassov G.M., Andrakhmanova G.T.

Government support of pharmaceutical manufacturers in Kazakhstan      160-163

  • Kolbayev M.K.

The development of small innovative business in terms of the Eurasian economic integration      164-170

  • Naizagaraeva A.A., Musajf M., Nogaibaeba M.O., Kudaykulov A.K.

Variation - a numerical method for finding the stress and the pressing force produced by the linear-changing cross-sectional area of fixed length, clamped at both ends of the bar when exposed to heat flow and heat transfer      171-176

  • Babazhanova Zh., Zhanakova N.

World experience of regulation state purchases police it the conditions of innovative development of society      177-183

  • Absattarov R.B.

Political technologies: essence and types      181-191

  • Ayupova Z.K., KussainovD.U.

About the peculiarities of transformation processes in the legal system of the Republic of Kazakhstan      191-199

  • Kim A.V., MetaksaA.S.

Usage of project management tools and techniques in corruption risks reducing      199-204

  • Shestakov F.V.

Condensational theory - law to live      205-211

  • Bekmuhametova K.M.

Types of state authorized body in the sphere of nature management and environmental protection ive      212-217

  • Yesssekeyeva A.A.

Practice and especially the mandatory agricultural insurance in the republic of Kazakhstan ive      217-223

  • Kalyeva G.S

Legal basis of investment in Kazakhstan      224-230

  • AkopovaE.A., Salykhbayeva A.T.

Legal regulation of natural objects states parties Eurasian Economic Union      230-234

  • Umbetov M.N

Basic human rights issues at the international level in Kazakhstan      235-239

  • Salykhbayeva A.T., Nurbekova K.A.

Inancial leasing as a form of investment for entrepreneurs in agriculture in the implementation of the new economic policy "Nurly Zhol      240-246

  • Doszhan R.K.

Science and knowledge as the main condition for the development of society and individual      247-253

  • Yesengeldina A.S.

International aspects of practical application of risk-management in state administration      254-261

  • Alymkulova A.S.

IRole of integration processes in development of the Central Asian region’s countries      261-265

  • Saduakassova S.A.

Social aspect of political metaphors      266-273

  • Beknazarov B.A.

Glorified heroes of the kazakh people B.Momyshuly and Mukhtar Auezov      273-278


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