• Aidarova S., Tleuova A., Sharipova A., Bekturganova N., Grigoriyev D., Miller R.

Study of  polymerized emulsions formed spontaneously and contained active substances          5-13

  • Mustafina A.K., Alibieva J.M., Beketova G.S., Utegenova A.U., Berlibaeva A.B.

Testing object-oriented systems          13-21

  • Bayeshov A.B., Abduvaliyeva U.A., Abizhanova D.A., Ivanov N.S.

Formation of copper powder by using «Ti-Cu»  electrode in acide solution at polarization of alternating current          22-28

  • Bekmukhamedov B.E., Akhmetov B.D., Zhantayev Zh.Sh.

Mathematical modeling as a tool for oil spill emergency response: case study of Kashagan oil field, Kazakhstan          28-38

  • Blokhin I.S., Kassymbayev M.I., Tatenov A.M., Tsesarski H.V.

The influence of electromagnetic Schumann resonances on the brain rhythms during sleep          38-43

  • Kurbaniyazov A.K.

Ecological questions of caspian sea they socio-economic to development influence          43-47

  • Vashkevich N.P, BiktashevR.A., Pashenko D. V., Kutuzov V.V., Sauanova K.T.

Undetermined event automates models used in order to formally describe parallel algorithms of logical management         48-59

  • Ivanov A.I., Ahmetov B.B., Bezjaev A. V., Perfilov K.A., Alimseitova Zh.K.

he calculation of entropy of weakly correlated and strongly correlated long biometric codes on low test samples          64-70

  • Malyshev V.P., Zubrina Yu.S.

On the possibility of assessing and calculating the sum of a series based on the integral feature of convergence of Cauchy, Maclaurin          70-76

  • Blokhin I.S., Kassymbayev M.I., Tatenov A.M., Tsesarski H.V.

Features of optical processes       in a living cell          76-80

  • Ozhikenov K.A., Abildayeva A.D.

Studing the properties of the robustness of control algorithms active magnetic levitation          81-87

  • Kantarbaev S.S., Mynbayeva B.N., Grachev A.A., Voronova N.V.

The distribution and abundance of the brown bear population in Kazakhstan: an analytical review          87-93

  • Mamyrbekova Aigul, Mamyrbekova Aizhan.

Research electrodeposition of solutions crystalohydrate nitrate of copper (II) in dimethylsulphoxide          94-100

  • Pashhenko D.V., Sinev M.P., Kutuzov V.V., Trokoz D.A., Sauanova K.T.

Methods inter-module and interblock interactions of hardware control ground infrastructure of rocket and space complexes          101-114

  • Rakhimov K.D.

Study of toxic properties and anti-tumor effects of diterpene lactone and isoflavone          115-118

  • Ryabikin Y.A.,  Zashkvara O.V., Klimenov V.V., Isova A.T., Tokmoldin S.J.

Volume material for spintronics on basis of intermetallide Со5 Zn21          118-122

  • Ukrainets V.N., Otarbayev Zh.O., Girnis S.R.

Influence of parameters and contact conditions on two-layer tunnel lining of a small embedding at critical velocity of transport load          123-130

  • Shinibaev M.D., Bekov A.A.,  Zholdasov S.A., Kashikbaev  O., Rakhimzhanov B.N., Akinbekov E.A.


 «Inversion»  as a method of exclusion of «small denominators» in the Hill’s second problem          130-134

  • Apendiyev T.A.

Assembly of people of Kazakhstan - the country's unity support          134-137

  • Kalyeva G.S.

Legal presumption as the method of legal regulation in the tax right          138-144

  • Kuderin Ilyas.

General characteristics of ecological zoning in the Republic of Kazakhstan          145-151

  • TorgayevaB.T.

Management of corporate social responsibility of the media business the Republic of Kazakhstan: problems and priorities          152-160

  • Torlanbayeva K.U.

About stages of Islamization of the population of Kazakhstan         161-172

  • Tatenov A., Blohin I., Kasymbaev M., Cesarskij G.

Issledovanie generacii jelektromagnitnogo izluchenija nejronami central'noj nervnoj sistemy          172-175

  • Igenbayeva B.N.

Complementary assets management in the implementation of innovative projects          176-184

  • Balabekov O.S., Ospanov B.O., Volnenko A.A., Korganbayev B.N., Khanzharova N.S., Abdizhapparova B.T.

Cucurbits crops and prospects of their processing in Kazakhstan          184-189


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