• Mashekov S.A., Orlova E.P., Absadykov B.N., Issametova M.E., Smailova G.A., Nugman E.Z., Rakhmatulin M.L.

Calculation of power parameters of cold rolling steel strips on multifunctional longitudinal wedge mill      5-18

  • MukanovaB.G., Mirgalikyzy T., Modin I.N.

Testing the results of numerical simulation of problems of electrical prospecting with direct current      19-26

  • Kurmanbayev Е.А., Kurmangaly B.S.

Molecular machinery and genetic aspects of microwave radiation influence of low and average intensities      27-32

  • Ryabikin Y.A., Klimenov V.V., Glazman V.B., RakymetovB.A., IsovaA.T., Tokmoldin S.Z.

Analysis method inhomogeneous line broadening electron paramagnetic resonance spectra carbon film              33-36

  • Ozhikenov K.A., Mikhailov P.G., Tuleshov E.A., Ismagulova R.S., Aitzhanova G.D.

Studing the high-temperature sensor element and the structure of measuring transducers      37-47

  • Kozlovski V.A., Zhubatov Zh., Bekeshev E.A., Baibatchayev A.A.

Influence of the hydrocarbon propellant on the environment and living organisms (literature review)      48-56

  • NassimovM.O., Kaldybay K.K., ParidinovaB.Z.

Conceptual basis of the notion “Security”     57-62

  • Ivanova N. V., Glebova N. V., Imanov T.S., Seilova N.A.

The isse of social and psychological studies population      63-67

  • Absametov M., Kan S., Kurmangaliyeva Sh., Asanov Y.

The role of "Eurasia" channel in the development of transit potential Republic of Kazakhstan      68-76

  • Ayupova Z.K., Kussainov D.U.

About some piculiarites of the history of the creation of the national idea in the Republic of Kazakhstan      76-84

  • Kadyrova M.B., Kenzhebayeva A.A.

Improvement of strategic planning through the introduction of project management      84-88

  • Kolbayev M.K.

Evaluation of the institutional environment of small innovative entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kazakhstan      89-99

  • Dovgan A.V.

Activities university libraries in the context of our time     99-103

  • Tshanov A.K.

National physical training of Kazakh people     104-107

  • TshanovA.K.

Regeneration of national physical training of Kazakh people     107-110

  • Kydyralin U., Kydyralina Zh.U.

Sultan ruler, colonel Muhamedgali Taukin in documents of the Russian archives     111-115

  • Malyshev V.P., Zubrina Yu.S., Makasheva A.M.

Gambling as a social evil which has been grown on the real probability of a random win      115-123

  • Balabekov O.S., Korganbayev B.N., Golubev V.G., Sermanizov S.S., Erzhanov N.A.

esearch the ability to formation of granules of coal waste and kinetics of burning of coal as a part of coal withdrawal     123-130


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