• Bayeshov A.B., Myrzabekov B.E., Makhanbetov A.B., Abduvalieva U.A., Toktar G.

The influence of alternating current half-cycle for electrochemical dissolution of tin electrode in the solution of sodium hydroxide and salt acid          5-9

  • Turebekova G.Z., Naukenova А.S., Bagova Z., Zharylkasyn P.M., Sakibayeva S.A., Sadenova А.А, Shapalov Sh.K., Zhumatayeva S.B

Perspectives of use of drilling for oil and oil- processing plant’s waste-sulfur in production of technical resin          10-15

  • Saymbetov A.K., Japashov N.M., Sissenov N.K., Kuttybay N.B., Mukhametkali B.K., Tulkibayuly Ye., Nurgaliyev M.K.

Development of technology and making of silicon detector structures of large size          15-18

  • Bekturyeva G.U., Satayev M.I., Mirzahmetova B.D., Bekbayeva Zh.S., Shapalov Sh.К.

Gas purification from sulphur anhydride with modifying active coals and technology of sulpher gas treatment of the lead production          19-25

  • Tatenov A.M., Osipov I.V.

Research to find the optimal design of gas turbines in the virtual-interactive model to increase efficiency          26-31

  • Tleuberdiyeva G., Naizabayeva L.

МMonte Carlo method for Simulation of the application process with the use of Service-Desk technical support          32-39

  • Cheredov V.O., Karimov A.M., Abuova Sh.D.

Wind power generation potential evaluation within Republic of Kazakhstan          40-49

  • Taissariyeva K.N., Ilipbayeva L.B.

Research method of providing a sinusoidal multilevel inverter          50-55

  • Cheredov V.O., Karimov A.M., Akylbekova A.Zh.

ОSunlight potential assessment within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan for power generation          55-64

  • Zhokhov A.L., Turmambekov T.A., Saidakhmetov P.A., Shektibaev N.A., Nurullaev M.A.

Some possibilities of using GMNSK in practice of the organization of control of students' knowledge in physics lessons          64-69

  • Koshumbaev M.B., Kvasov P.A.

New Design Low-Pressure Hydro-Turbines For Small Hydro Power Station          69-74

  • Belgibayeva Zh.Zh.

Production of meat and meat products in Kazakhstan          75-79

  • Makhatova B.G., Datkhayev U.M., Burda N.Ye., Kyslychenko V.S., Zhuravel I.A.

Phenolic compounds from Verbascum thapsus and Verbascum songaricum          80-84

  • Akhmetsadykov N.N., Mustafin K.G., Bisko N.A., Suleimenova Zh.B., Al-Maali G.A.,Saduyeva Zh.K.

Selection of nutrient media for enhanced production of mycelial biomass by submerged culture of Ganoderma lucidum 1621          84-90

  • Yerenova B.Ye., Pronina Yu.G., Medvedkov Ye.B., Admaeva A.M.

Research of influence of freezing on the quality indicators of the late-ripening grades melons          90-97

  • Maltseva E.R., Ismagul A.Zh., Iskakova G.A., Chirkin A.P., Skiba Y.A., Ismagulova G.A., Eliby S., Aitkhozhina N.A.

Wheat Cisgenic transformation with class I Chitinase          98-105

  • Rasil К.О.

Modern problems of logistics on railway transport          106-111

  • Ayupova Z.K., Kussainov D.U.

Тheoretical and legal analysis of the notions of «sovereignty» and «independence»          112-117

  • Rasil К.О.

Problems of control system of railway transport          117-122

  • Abdiramanova A.T.

Conceptual aspects of the notion of entrepreneurial culture          123-130

  • Ramazanov A.A., Belgibayeva Zh.Zh., Tursynbayeva A.A.

Public family policy          131-136

  • Tursynbayeva A.

Efficiency of investment appeal of priority branches of Kazakhstan          136-142

  • Shektibaev N.A., Zhokhov A.L., Turmambekov T.A., Saidakhmetov P.A., Nurullaev M.A.

Basic stages and mechanisms of cognitive activity in organization of educational work at study of natural-science knowledge          143-148

  • Adizbayeva D.Zh., Shoybekova А.Zh.

Dialogue in the structure of philosophical knowledge          149-154

  • Shestakov F.V.

Should we carry war on water?          155-162

  • Kidirali D.K., Babayarov G.

The Tamga traditions of Ancient Turks         163-169

  • Malakhova N.P., Galieva L.D., Khassein A., Kalieva А.A., Tezekbayeva B.K., Maltseva E.R.

In vitro selection of potato cell cultures with cultural filtrate of Fusarium solani          170-177


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