• Mashekov S.A., Absadykov B.N., Rakhmatulin M.L., Isametova M.E., Nugman E.Z., Mashekova A.S.

Modeling of hardness of multifunctional longitudinal wedge mill to improve the accuracy of thin strips from metals and alloys          5-16

  • Mashekova A.S., Kavalek A., Turdaliyev A.T., Mashekov S.A., Absadykov B.N.

Research of regularities structure changes of metal during strip rolling in helical rolls          17-27

  • Bekenova L.M.

Investment capacity for industrial development of the republic of Kazakhstan       28-34

  • Khussain B., Ivanov S.I., Tiptsova I.A., Tsigankov P.U., Menshutina N.V.

Software for automation of the drying process in supercritical fluids       35-38

  • Abdimutalip N. Ə., Duysebekova A.M., Toychibekova G. B.

Physical and chemical properties of the studied soils of the turkistan region       39-43

  • Alchinbayeva O. Z., Alymov N.

Features asymmetrical operating modes of converters of frequency       44-51

  • Turtabayev S.K., Baeshov A.B., Kurbanov U.B.

Dissolution of the zinc electrode in aqueous solutions of sulfuric and nitric acids at polarization industrial alternating currience       52-56

  • Bekturyeva G.U., Satayev M.I., Mirzahmetova B.D., Bekbayeva Zh.S., Shapalov Sh.К., Zhylisbaeva А.N., Baitugaev A.D., Shoybekova G.R., Karabalaeva K.

ОGas purification from sulphur anhydride with modifying active coals and technology of sulpher gas treatment of the lead production       57-64

  • Vigdorovich V.I., Tsygankova2 L.E., Baeshova A.K., Baeshov A.B.

Nature of metal protection against atmospheric corrosion by inhibited hydrocarbon films       65-71

  • Dairabay D. D., Golubev V.G., Balabekov O.S., Serimbetov М.А.

Theoretical aspects of calculating bubble layers with high density of bubble phase       72-78

  • Zhanat Zh., Temirgalyev R., Nasirov R., Kuspanova B.K.

Judicious application of the law of thermal chemistry performing a crucial role of modern energy       79-82

  • Kabylbekov К.А., Saidahmetov P.A., Ashirbaev KH.A, Аbdubaeva PH.I., Doskanova A.E.

Examination of operation gaza on computer model       83-88

  • Kan S.М., Kalugin О.А., Murtazin Е.Zh, Isabekov R.B.

The main resources underflooding industrial areas of Zhanaozen       89-94

  • Nayzabekov A.B., Lezhnev S.N., Kurapov G.G., Volokitina I.E., Orlova E.P.

Evolution of the microstructure of steel grade 35XM in process ECAP       95-102

  • Rakishev B.R., Kovrov O.S., Moldabayev S.K., Babiy Ye.V.

Ensuring geomechanical stability assessment of the ground embankment for conveyor of cyclic-flow technology       103-110

  • Taissariyeva K.N.

Modeling and research in environment matlab multilevel converter on igbt transistors       111-115

  • Tatenov A.M., Amirkhanova A.Sh., Saveliyeva V.V.

Virtual-interactive visualization mechanisms of atomic structures, electron configurations , the energy level in 3-D format for virtual-interactive labs with the mechanisms of chemical reactions in inorganic and organic chemistry       116-121

  • Tatenov A.M., Baitukayev U.B.

Creating a virtual-interactive model oil formation channels with oil filter       122-125

  • Tineybay A.M., Akbasova A.D., Aymbetova I.O.

Methods of increase of safety and stability of architectural and archaeological monuments       126-131

  • Rakhimova G., Temirova A., Abikayeva M.

The need for reform at energy sector republic of kazakhstan in the context conservation and energy efficiency       132-136

  • Adizbayeva D. Zh., Shoybekova A. Zh.

Modern features and problems of the eurasian civilization as a component of the context (on materials of Kazakhstan)       137-139

  • Aitzhanova D.A., Omarov A.K.

Features of management of secondary resources in the conditions of development of green economy in Kazakhstan       140-145

  • Atyhanov A.K., Mukatay N., Ospanov A.T.

Development of mechatronic systems of managing microclimate of greenhouses      146-149

  • Akhmetova G. M.

Key factors of agricultural trade in kazakhstan in the beginning of XX centry      150-156

  • Erkisheva Zh.S.

Use of information technologies in teaching geometry      157-163

  • Uteulin K.R., Bari G.T., Rakhimbaev I.R.

Kok-Saghyz seeds pre-sowing Treatment – Producer of natural plant Rubber      164-167

  • Ayupova Z.K., Kussainov D.U.

Anthropological sides of philosophy of Sh. Kudayberdyuli      168-175

  • Kassenova А., Mauina G., Zhansagimova A.

Development of food industry as bases of gastronomic attractiveness of РК      176-179

  • Yesaydar U.S., Belgibayav A.K., Mersakylova G.R.

The role of developing direction of international tourism in Kazakhstan      180-185

  • Zholseytova M.A., Satov E.Zh.

Historiographic analysis of sources published on "Cultural heritage" program      186-191

  • Kolbayev M.K., Nyurlikhina G.B., Tyurabayev G.K.

Finincing sources for small innovative entrepreneurship      192-199

  • Nazarbek T.S.

Attraction of interest of the applied tasks which are trained at the decision      200-203

  • Nassimov M. O., Paridinova B. Zh., Kaldybay K. K., Abdrassilov T. K.

Social-Political views of ibn khaldun     204-208

  • Beketova K.N.

Problems of improvement of system of public administration in the Republic of Kazakhstan     209-215



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