• Zhokhov A.L., Adyrbekov G.M., Turmambekov T.A., Saidahmedov P.A., Shektybaev N.A.

On the types of activities and actions necessary for mastering training material in physics and mathematics       5-13

  • Volkova L.D., Kim O.K., Zakarina N.A.

Modification of diesel fuel properties by additives and supplements of varios functional purpose       14-25

  • Bitursyn S.S., Baeshov A.B.

Dissolution of the zinc electrode in hydrochloric acid at polarization alternating current       26-31

  • Genbach A.A., Jamankulova N.O.

Study of heat exchanger with a porous structure      32-36

  • Ilin A.I., Islamov R.A., Burkitbayev M.M., Sabitov A.N., Kurmanbekov A.S.

Biological activity of nanosulfur      36-43

  • Kalugin O.A., Iskanderov R.R., Kurmangaliyeva Sh.G., Tleuova Zh.T.

Application of hydrogeochemical methods of investigation for identifying the sources of technogenic flooding      43-49

  • Islamkulov К.М., Myrkhalykov Zh.U.

Complex surface treatment of cutting tools for increasing their strength and wearing capacity      50-54

  • Konuspayev S.R., Nurbayeva R.K., Zhurtbaeva A.A.

Triggers and technology of olefin oligomerization in the preparation of polyolefin lubricants. (Overview-1)    54-66

  • Konuspayev S.R., Nurbayeva R.K., Zhurtbaeva A.A.

Triggers and technology of olefin oligomerization in the preparation of polyolefin lubricants. (Overview-2)    67-77

  • Poryadin V.I., Аkynbаеvа М.G., Аdеnоvа D.К.

Water balance method of assessing replenishment resource of groundwater in a river basin    78-83

  • Kulazhanov T.K., Kruchenetsky V. Z., Kizatova M. Zh.

Possibilities and prospects of the use of 3D-printing in food industry    84-89

  • Rakhimov K.D.

Overcoming drug resistance cancer animal with groups of phytopreparations ellagitannins    90-94

  • Sergeyev D.М., Shunkeyev К.Sh., Solovjov A.L.

About temperature dependences of excess current and pseudogap in high-temperature superconductor BSCCO   95-104

  • Massonichich-Shotunova R.S.

The сharacteristics of the biology of seeds of fodder plants    105-110

  • Shadin N.A., Zakarina N.A., Volkova L.D.

Processing weighted vacuum gasoil cracking and HCeY containing catalysts supported on aluminium pillared montmorillonite    111-117

  • Shaikhanova A.K., Kurushbayeva D.T., Bekeshova G.B.

Hamming weight as criteria of evaluation response to time attack    118-123

  • Temirtasov O.T., Shayakhmetov E., Leonov S.L., Mendebaev T.M.

Determination of load on bearing of rollers of belt conveyor    123-130

  • Adylkanova А.Zh., Shaikhanova A.K., Kozhakhmetova D.O.

In the production and concentration of the components of the monitoring system and audit management   131-134

  • Alieva Zh.T., Yessirkepova A.M., Agabekova G.N.

Classification and structure of business refinish   135-140

  • Baktymbet S.S., Kurmanov N.A., Baktymbet A.S.

Intellectual potential in development of innovative economy   141-149

  • Daumbayeva A.A., Halmenova Z.B., Umbetova A.K.

Analysis of lipophilic substances of carthamuses seeds of the kazakhstan class of «Milyutinskiy 114»   150-152

  • Alyassova V.N., Ilyassova A.S.

The history and role of the scientific societies of Kazakhstan and Russia in the development of local history and collecting in Northern and Eastern Kazakhstan (the end of XIX – first half XX century)   153-159

  • Zhokhov A.L., Adyrbekova G.M., Kurbanbekov B.A., Yunusov A.A., Saidahmetov P.A.

On the tutorial "Modern problems of methodical science and education: philosophical and methodological approach"   160-166

  • Konyrbekov M.Zh.

Principles and directions state support of agrarian sector of economy   166-173

  • Ayupova Z.K., Kussainov D.U.

To the question of philosophy of education and its historical sources   173-182

  • Zhumaseitova G.T.

Interpretation of the epic "Kyz Zhibek" on kazakh ballet stage   182-187

  • Kishibekova G.K., Abdulina G.A., Zhanbyrbayeva S.M.

Factors of national economy competitiveness increasing in the conditions of globalization   187-198

  • Zurbayeva A.B.

Necessity of formation and evaluation of corporate culture  198-208

  • Ismailov Sh.A.

Identity of the person in the context of migration: theory and practice  209-212

  • Rakhimbayeva A.А.

On the existing problems and perspectives of the eurasian economic union  213-218

  • Nyssanbayeva A.M.

Preferences of the youth of Kazakhstan in choosing the leader of the youth movement  219-225

  • Altai K.A., Baymukasheva G., Zhanat Zh., Kuspanova B.K., Nasirov R.

On a certain direction of chemical reactions  226-230

  • Azatbek T.A., Kozhakhmetova G.A.

Competitiveness of employee: criteria indicators and method of evaluation  231-237

  • Bekenova L.M.

State regulation of industrial policy  238-249

  • Egemberdieva S.M., Esmagulova N.D., Kadyrbergenova A.K.

Learning problems efficiency of enterprises in the petroleum sector  250-259

  • Surimbayev B.N., Baikonurova A.O., Bolotova L.S., Mishra B.

Study of process cyanide leach gold from ore and gravity concentration tailings sulfide and oxide ores  260-266

  • Baimuratov U.

Socio-economic harmony in the dual society: the «D + 3D» paradigm and the newly discovered laws  267-270


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