• Sadomskiy V.V., E.G. Krupa, Aminova I.M.

Experimental surveys of seismic-acoustic impact on the North Caspian aquatic organisms        5-13

  • Genbach A.A., Jamankulova N.O.

Study of heat and mass transfer in capillary-porous cooling systems of a new class of energy thermal installations        14-19

  • Abildaeva R.A., Dauіlbaі A.D., Rysbayeva G.S., Abubakirova A.A., Ospanova A.A.

Endoparasitic disease of cats and its dependence on color and genera features      20-23

  • Mahmetova N.M., Solonenko V.G., Bekzhanova S.T.

The calculation of free oscillations of an anisotropic three-dimensional array of underground structures       24-28

  • Abdyssagin R.-B.T.

Contemporary music as an echo of time       29-33

  • Genbach A.A., Jamankulova N.O.

The limiting condition of capillary-porous structure under the single steam bubble       34-41

  • Sergaliyev A.S.

Nonlinear model of the drillstring taking into account influence of borehole friction       42-48

  • Malyshev V.P., Zubrina Y.S., Makasheva A.M.

Boltzmann distribution how an infinity sequence and the convergent row      49-58

  • Zakarina N.A., Akurpekova A.K.

Isomerization of pentane-hexane fraction on the Pt-catalyst supported on Zr pillared Tagan montmorillonite     59-68

  • Mashekov S.A., Maulenova M.R.

Methods of production of preform for foil     69-79

  • Aminova I.

Zoobenthos of the Ural River estuary and lower reaches based on the 70–90s studies (survey)    80-85

  • Sadomskiy V.V., E.G. Krupa, Aminova I.M.

Experimental surveys of seismic-acoustic impact on the North Caspian aquatic organisms    86-95

  • Aminova I., Sadomskiy V.

Zoobenthos of aquatic eco-systems of the Ural river estuary with the Caspian Sea adjacent coastal area    96-101

  • Salikhov T.K.

The current state of soil fertility of geoecosystems of Zerenda rural district    102-108

  • Тurabaev G.К.

Analysis of increase factors of competitiveness of cotton producers    109-122

  • Shamishev Y.

Geopolitical aspects of the Eurasian integration: a new challenges and prospects    123-128

  • Dinmukhammed Ametbek, Galym Zhussipbek.

The role of the maturidite understanding of relationship between faith and reason to form tolerant and pluralistic society    129-134

  • Abikenova Sh.K., Aitkenova G.T.

One of the measures for prevention of accidents in the enterprise – increase motivation of employees to work safety    135-140

  • Nyssanbayeva A.

Aspects of migration crisis in the EU through the point of view of experts   141-145

  • Onlasynov E.Z., Kydyrova Zh.Sh., Shadieva A.A.

Features of formation of infrastructure of support of business in South Kazakhstan region    146-151

  • Bazarbayev K.К.

Human values in the Beksultan Nurzhekeuly’s novel «Ai, dunie-ay»    152-159

  • Khudaibergenov N.Zh.

Общечеловеческие ценности в романе «Ай, дуние-ай» Бексултана Нуржекеулы    160-165

  • Bayeshov A.B., Sapieva M.M., Bayeshova A.K., Abduvaliyeva U.A., Zhurinov M.Zh.

Dissolution of electrodes of molybdenum during polarization by anodic impulse current    166-172

  • Konurbayev A.E., Bayeshov A.B., Ibragimova G.N., Makhanbetov A.B., Abduvaliyeva U.A.

Influence of various parameters on the formation of mixed aluminum and iron containing coagulants    173-178

  • Dostay Zh.D., Tursunov E.A., Kurbaniyazov A.K., Nurgaliyeva G.Zh.

Morphometric characteristics of the lake Balkash by results of batimetrichesky shooting in 2011–2013   179-182

  • Duzbayeva N.A., Altay K.A., Kuspanova B.K., Nasirov R.

Environmental impact of oil and its products   183-191

  • Mashekov S.A., Dyja Henryk, Absadykov B.N., Tussupkaliyeva E.A., Mashekova A.S.

The study of the evolution of the structure and wear resistance of nanostructured bars of aluminium alloys   192-202

  • Ospanova A.A., Abildaeva R.A., Makhan A.Zh., Anarbekova A.I., Dauіlbaі A.D.

Influence of various factors on the process of embryogenesis   203-209

  • Rakisheva D.S., Mirgalikyzy T., Mukanova B.G.

The method of radial basic functions for approximation of ground surface relief   210-215

  • Tatenov A.M., Bayturganova V.K.

Virtual-interactive study of secondary oil recovery in low-permeability channels   216-219

  • Shadkhin Y.I., Toigozhinova Zh.Zh.

Identification of transfer function of closed nonlinear frequency converter system-induction motor by using MATLAB   220-224

  • Beisembaev A.A., Isakozhaeva I.N.

Development of management system of automated packaging lines and storage dry mixes   225-229

  • Ibraev A.Kh., Musilimov K.B.

Automation wind power complex on the basis of rotor turbine Bolotov (WRTB)   230-234

  • Lyalin V.E., Krasnov A.N., Kaliyev Y.I., Sagyndikova A.J.

Methods of physical impact on natural gas in order to improve the safety of its transportation through main pipelines   235-241

  • Kabylbekov К.А., Saidahmetov P.A., Omashova G.Sh., Tokzhigitova A.A., Abdikerova Zh.R.

The organization of performance of computer laboratory operation on examination of dependence jet сопротивлеия inductance coils from frequency of the alternating current  242-248

  • Makhmetova N.M., Solonenko V.G., Bekzhanova S.T.

The calculation of free oscillations of an anisotropic three-dimensional array of underground structures  249-255

  • Umbetkulova A.B.

Modeling of drill string nonlinear longitudinal-transverse vibrations and their analisys  255-265

  • Azatbek T.A., Baitenizov D.T.

Foreign experience of freelancing as a form of self-employment in the labour market  266-275

  • Ayupova Z.K., Kussainov D.U.

To the problem of formation of law-abiding state in the Republic of Kazakhstan  276-281

  • Syzdykova K.Sh., Shynybekov Zh.T.

Integration as strategic factor of organization’s management  282-285

  • Baytukayev U.B.

True values, the purposes and regulations of quality of education in intra-university system of qualities  286-291

The V Meeting of Council on cooperation in the field of fundamental science of participant states of CIS, dedicated to the 25 anniversary of the Commonwealth of Independent States.  292-300


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