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Development of the method for centaury herb identification by thin layer chromatography for the state pharmacopoeia of Ukraine monograph 5-12

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ХOn the existence of two classes of circular orbits of the test body in Hill variables 13-22

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Research of a new method of deformation – "pressing-drawing" on mechanical properties of steel wire 23-30

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The grain quality classification of winter wheat genetic resource by sulfur and nitrogen 31-38

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The use of doping in power sports in Kazakhstan: status of the problem and solutions 39-54

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Obtainment of calcium chlorate by electrochemical method 55-60

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The elastic constants of alloys with γ-Mn 61-64

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Determination of rational temperature-deformation modes of intensive plastic deformation of aluminum alloy 7075 by physical simulation 65-79

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Dynamic characteristics of the freight railcars, LLP "KBK" production, on carts of model 18-9996 80-86

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Remote sensing results data processing using GIS on application of hydrogeological surveys 87-94

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Influence of climatic conditions on development and growth of grain and bean seeds 95-99

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The light microscopic research of the pigmentation of hair and its macerate from karakul lambs of gray color 100-103

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Model of the form of the organisation of computer laboratory operation of isobaric process 104-109

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Methods of data mining in problems of recognition of images 110-114

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Aspects of development of the gender education in Kazakhstan 115-121

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Effective management of development of the company: cognitive aspect and head's business case 122-128

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Regional innovation system of East Kazakhstan region 129-136

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The modern factors of labour market development of people with disabilities 137-143

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The spread of hanafic law 144-148

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To the question of improvement of the anti-corruption legislation in the Republic of Kazakhstan 149-153

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Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) as a tool for evaluating public programs in the Republic of Kazakhstan 154-159

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Analysis of foreign trade of participantcountries of the Eurasian Economic Union 160-169

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The Kazakh Ornament in Modern Painting: New View on Imperishable Values 170-176

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Assessment of competitiveness of agriculture in the Northern areas of Kazakhstan 177-183

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Problems of introduction and implementationof the KPI system in higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan 184-191

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The conception of spiritual perfection in philosophy of buddhism 192-200

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Financial and economic aspects of innovation development companies 201-207

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Increase in competitiveness of domestic branch of meat livestock production 208-217

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КClassification of business risks and management methods 218-223

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Forming of research universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan as a condition for innovative development. experience of foreign countries 224-229

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Management by the integrated corporate structures 230-239

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Arabic-speaking poets of the 12 th century Azerbaijan 240-245

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Determination of the influence of harmful factors of production enterprises using mathematical methods 246-250

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The fate of intellectuals in modern Kazakh novels 251-255

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About the operating techniques of assessment of social and economic consequences of emergency situations 256-265

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Tourism in East Kazakhstan region: potential economic importance and development prospects 266-271

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Брендинг экономического развития Казахстана 272-280

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Current status of government control mechanismof the development of AIC in RK 281-286

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Comparative analysis of modeling of the education in the islamic tradition 287-292

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Full name priorities of institutional development of small and medium entrepreneurship 293-296


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