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Coordination compounds of lithium halides with certain amino acids 5-12

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Calculated water demand as the main factor influencing the reliability of hydrogeological forecasts at the evaluation of groundwater elastic reserves 13-26

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Review of adsorption and thermal characteristics of activated carbon and its application in ANG storage and ACS systems 27-36

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Drought-induced acclimation changes in young castor (Ricinus communis L.) plants 47-53

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Simulation modeling of cyber security systems in MATLAB and SIMULINK 54-64

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Application of capillary-porous systems in metallurgical production 65-72

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Investigation of conduct rhodium electrodes in hydrochloric acid solution method of removal of potentiodynamic polarization curves 73-79

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Selection of elulating solutions for the dessorbtion of gold from saturated ion exchange resin in presence of metal-impurities 80-86

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Stationary and non-stationary current polarized palladium electrode’s dissolution in hydrochloric acid solution 87-93

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Briquetting of coal-slurry mixed with wood sawdust pellets 94-99

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Productive qualities of the seleti factory-type kazakh horses of the toad 100-110

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The organization of computer laboratory works on the research of distribution of molecules for speeds and for height from the earth's surface with use of the MATLAB software package 111-118

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Model of the form of the organization of computer laboratory work on the research of isothermal process 119-126

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Rare, relict and vulnerable endangered plant species of the "Bokeyorda" projected state nature reservation of West Kazakhstan region 127-136

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Neural network application in speech processing 137-143

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Studying the process of obtaining sorbitol from guza-paya cellulose by hydrolytic hydrogenation in the presence of supported cobalt catalyst 144-148

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The prospects of use of straw of wheat for receiving industrial and important products 149-154

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Regional development of tourism cluster 155-160

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Cchecking of resource-saving technologies for making roughage in the crushed form at the picking up hay from the swath under the farm conditions 161-166

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The issue of morality of humanbeing from the perspective of futurology 167-175

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The study of physical and chemical properties of the plant nasybay 176-181

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Analysis of the main indicators of the dynamics of postindustrial services in Kazakhstan 182-192

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The concept of economical production and its value for increase in competitiveness of national economy of Kazakhstan 193-196

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Theoretical aspects of social development in rural areas 197-202

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Development of social responsibility of business in Kazakhstan 203-209

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Political sense: public (social) diplomacy 210-215

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The role of social insurance in the system of social protection of the population 216-222

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Cultural and educational activity of the West Siberian department of the russian geographical society (end of XIX – early XX centuries) 223-229

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Technology of formation of functional competence by future teachers of computer science 230-237

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Evolution of the development of the control theory and its impact on the formation of contemporary Kazakhstan management 238-242

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Statistical methods as a tool of high-tech products quality management 243-250

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Polıtıcal thought of the medıeval east and the european mıddle ages 251-259

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Contemporary state of credit risk management in JSC "Halykbank of Kazakhstan" 260-264

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Level of the maintenance of antibodies in blood serum of Karakul sheep 265-269

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Features of application of the Kyzyloda heatpower main line in dependence on composition in building materials 270-276

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Features of the social status of the head of the volosts of the Semirechye region 277-285

  • Unerbaeva R.U.

Problems in the field of research activities in the course of industrial-innovative development of Kazakhstan 286-291


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