• Saidullayeva N.S., Kabylbekov K.A., Pazylova D.T., Ashirbaev Kh.A., Kalikulova A.O.

Designing the ambiguous tasks and tasks with missing data for performance of computer laboratory works          5-10

  • Baeshov A.B., Sarbaeva G.T., Adaybekova A.A., Baeshova A.K., Shekeeva K.K

Electrochemical behavior of thalliumelectrode in solution of hydrochloric acid         11-17

  • Benberin V.V., Tanbayeva G.Z.

The scientific approach to ensuring active ageing        18-26

  • Volokitina I.E., Kurapov G.G.

Study of the cryogenic cooling effect on the copper microstructural evolution during ECAP       27-32

  • Genbach A.A., Jamankulova N.O.

Capillary-porousheat exchangers for cooling of melting units       33-39

  • Dosaliev K.S., Zhantasov K.T., Baybolov K.S., Usenkulov Zh.A., Naukenova А.S., Bosak V.N.

Materials of box-typepavement       40-47

  • Kalimoldayev M.N., Tynymbayev S.T., Kapalova N.A.

Polynomial multipliers on the module of irreducible polynomials     48-53

  • Kуdyrbayeva А.Е., Zhylysbayeva A.N., Тlegenova К.B.

Morphological change of wool fibre on astrakhan types of the karakul lambs who are grown up in the southern region     54-57

  • Lezhnev S.N., Volokitina I.E.

Evolution of the microstructure of a composite alloy on the basis of aluminum at ECAP     58-64

  • Medvedkov Y.B., Kizatova M.E., Shevtsov А.А., Drannikov А.V., Maslennikov S.L.

Physical and mathematical model of the crushing process in the melon pulping plant     65-70

  • Medenova M.K., Abdrakhmanova N.B., Nabiyev D.K.

The part and the condition of the order realization for certification of production objects by the working conditions in the Republic of Kazakhstan     71-75

  • Mynbayeva B.N., Musdybaeva K.K., Voronova N., Amirasheva B.K., Kaldybayeva Zh.B., Makeeva A.Zh.

Establishment and application of biotechnology in protection of Kazakhstan environment     76-81

  • Cekic Nicola.

Uncertainty in architectural estimation of facades     82-89

  • Ozhikenov K.A., Rakhmetova P.M., Ozhiken A.K.

Investigation of the dynamics of the flight of the unmanned aerial vehicle     90-95

  • Sotnikov I.A., Litvinenko Y.A., Ahtaeva N.Z.

Mineral composition of Acanthiphyllum I.     96-100

  • Kabylbekov K.A., Spabekova R.S., Omashova G.Sh., Abzhapbarov A., Polatbek A., Serkebayeva G.S.

Use of the software package of MATLAB for the solution of problems of branched electric circuits     101-108

  • Uderbayev S.S., Bissenov К.А., Alibekov N.B.

Optimization of the method of preparation of organic aggregate in the production of arbolitic products.    109-115

  • Ayupova Z.K., Kussainov D.U.

Improvement of the legislation about the local representative bodies – the democratization condition   116-121

  • Esbenbetova Zh., Shaihy R., Tanabaeva A.

Regulation of harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions in the Republic of Kazakhstan    122-124

  • Zholtayeva A.S., Tsekhovoy A.F.

The concept of intellectual system of extraction of knowledge from the flow of information of the company    125-130

  • Jumasseitova G.T.

Choreographic psychoanalysis in the interpretation of Boris Eifman    131-136

  • Kopanieva Victoria.

The Internet and еhe Actual Library    137-141

  • Kulubekova A.Zh.

Minimization of risks of entrepreneurial activity of industrial enterprises    142-147

  • Nassimov M.O.

Foreign schools of political science: main ideas and problems    148-155

  • Paridinova B.Zh.

Human capital: concept, contents, essence    156-162

  • Suleimenova A.Sh.

Clusters in automobile: adaptation of experience of germany for Kazakhstan    163-168

  • Alibaev N., Adilbekova E.K.

Identification and categorization of arvan breed genotypes with high dairy efficiency in the conditions of Arys-Turkestan zone    169-171

  • Ryskulova М.

Actual issues of state management of the health care system of Kazakhstan    172-178

Report for the Session of the General Meeting of academician M. Zhurinov, the President of the National academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Almaty, 01.06.2017)    179-183


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