• Bersimbayeva A.B.

Forming of research universities: experience of Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan          5-16

  • Mamyrbekova Аigul, Bayeshov А.В., Mamyrbekova Аizhan.

Kinetics and mechanism of electrooxidation-reduction of sulphur in alkaline solutions         17-23

  • Abdiyeva A.M., Anuarova L.E., Ernazarova G.I., Zlydareva A.M.

Project based science in the context of the international systems of the research PISA, TIMSS          24-29

  • Esimova A., Muratalin M., Aidarova S., Mutaliyeva B., Madybekova G.

Research of stimuli-responsive microgels for use in microencapsulation        30-36

  • Beketova G.S., Akhmetov B.S., Korchenko A.G., Lakhno A.V.

Optimization backup model for critical important information systems        37-44

  • Genbatch А.А., Bondartsev D.Yu.

Development of turbine technology of power plants and the scientific methodology for their creation        45-53

  • Kazankapova М.K., Nauryzbayev М.K., Ermagambet B.Т., Efremov S.А., Braida W.

Research of the ability of shungyte sorbents by immobilized microorganisms for decomposition of aromatic compounds        54-61

  • Baeshov A.B., Konurbaev A.E., Gaipov T.Je., Mahanbetov A., Myrzabekov B.Je., Sarsenbaev N., Abduvalieva U.A.

Development of electrochemical method and testing of pilot semi-industrial electrolysis of cleaning technical condensate from phenols, ammonium of nitrogen and sulfides       62-67

  • Alenayev A.S., Smailov , S.D. Baimukanov D.A., Abdrakhmanov K.T.

Productivity of factory type «Adal» of black-festive cattle in JSC «Agro-industrial company» «Adal»       68-77

  • Artygalin N.A., Кaвylbekov K.A., Zhantas A.D., Ilyasov B.A., Saidakhmetov P.A.

Organization of computer laboratory works on the study of the current resonance with use of MATLAB program package       78-86

  • Arapov B.R., Sejtkazenova K.K., Shokobaeva G.T., Teleshva A.B.

Camera for test specimens in steel in corrosive medium of high temperature and pressure       87-93

  • Кaвylbekov K.A., Artygalin N.A., Atabay Zh.K., Zholdasova A.A., Saidakhmetov P.A.

Organization of computer laboratory works on the study of the resonance voltage using the software package MATLAB       94-102

  • Абдираманова А.Т., Сатершинов Б.М.

Конкурентноспособность в условиях глобализации и ее национально-культурные аспекты      103-108

  • Abdrakhmanova N.B., Krekesheva T.I., Medenova M.K.

Analysis of occupational injuries in the Republic of Kazakhstan     109-116

  • Atakulov T., Erzhanova K., Zhumataev M., Sultan A.

Cultivation of intermediate cultures on constant crests     117-119

  • Kaziev М.Т.

Universal solar energy installation      120-128

  • Nurgaliyeva M.T., Kalendar R.N., Smagulov A.K., Iskakova Zh.A.

The accelerated identification specific DNA of different types of animals in meat and meat products      129-136

  • Nurgaliyeva M.T., Smagulov A.K., Iskakova Zh.A.

Assessment of content of cadmium in meat and the offal of animals of East Finland      137-141

  • Beisenbi M.A., Suleimenova S.T., Taurbekova A.A.

Research of robust stability of control systems with m inputs and n outputs in the case of catastrophe elliptical umbilic     142-147

  • Ayupova Z.K., Kussainov D.U.

Notary as the instrument of protection of the civil rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan     148-154

  • Dayilbai A.D., Sidikova A.A., Yelemanova Zh.R., Kudasova D.E.

Investigations of the productive qualities of the Kuyuk intra-breed sheep typed YUKM     155-160

  • Smagulova S.O., Yermukhamedova A.P.

The Activities of U. Kulumbetov on the Elimination      161-170

  • Ussabayev А.К.

Methodological basis of accounting in foreign entities in accordance with IPSAS 4 and IFRS 21 "The effects of changes in foreign exchange rates" and peculiarities of financial statements      171-177

  • Issayeva A., Aidarova S., Sharipova A., Tleuova A., Grigoriev D.

Micro- and nanocapules with shell of polyurethane/polyurea and core from DCOIT. I. Synthesis of micro- and nanoccapsules      178-185

  • Muminov Т.А., Zhakipbaeva B.T., Dauletbakova A.

Methods of genetic characteristics of the pathogen and their significance in epidemiology and tuberculosis clinic (literature review)     186-206

  • Volkov D.V., Bakbergenova M.O., Zhapar K.K., Shamekova M.H., Zhambakin K.Zh.

Chemical mutagenesis for production wheat lines resistant to the herbicide     207-214

  • Nurtai Zh., Nukenov A., Aubakirova T., Shapalov S., Sapargalieva B.

Organization of measures to protect the population from emergency situations of natural character, living in the mountainous areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan    214-228


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