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ISSN 1991-3494


National academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the owner of eight top-rated academic journals, including the "Bulletin of NAS RK" journal, which are published since 1946 and distributed to the National libraries of 73 countries.

In 1946 the first issue of the "Bulletin of the National academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan" scientific journal was released.

The journal publishes papers, reports and discussions presented to the academy of domestic and foreign scientists, gives the points of view of different disciplines on many important issues related to the natural, engineering and social sciences. Much attention is paid to the role of the scientist in society and the role of scientific knowledge in the modern world. Important global problems that affect all major areas of science, education and environment are discussed by experts in these fields. The journal regularly highlights the activities of the NAS RK, the results of research teams, information about the anniversaries of scientists.


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