Determination of pinion stand frame size of multifunctional longitudinal wedge mill         5-17

Increasing working motivation of scientific staff        18-22

Calculation of suppression by formation of nitrogen oxides expansion of the exponential        23-26

Polymorphism of genes of Toll-like receptors as predictors of the development and course of tuberculosis        27-34

Study of fragile capillary-porous coverings in power installations        35-41

Experimental stress-strain state of the lining typical areas station      42-47

Production of melon-based sorbe with enriching herbal supplements     48-55

Isolation and selection of microorganisms-destructors of oil and petroleum products      56-60

Nutritional value of national drink – bosa       61-66

Model of the form of the organization of research assignments on physics on computer models     67-72

Model of the form of the organization of performance of computer laboratory operation on examination of electromagnetic oscillations      73-78

Demographic development and security of Kazakhstan (2000-2015): SWOT analysis     79-88

Students’ perception of organizational culture at KIMEP university based on OCAI instrument      89-84

International integration processes in Kazakhstan      95-103

Corporate social responsibility: variety of conceptual framework and forms     104-108

Theoretical aspects of concept and emergence of tax risks     109-116

Railway communication systems     117-119

Resettlement of the Germans to Kazakhstan (the late ХІХ – beginning of the XX)     120-127

The nature of the moral and philosophical conflicts    128-131

Dissolution of the nickel electrode in phosphoric acid at polarization by stationary and non-stationary currents     131-137

Investigation of mediborol on the basis of density functional theory     138-142

Assessment of environmental damage in production and processing of uranium ores on the enterprises' "Karatau"     143-148

The main priorities of state policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of combating religious extremism     149-154

Assessment of structural changes of rolled strip of 6060 aluminum alloy using physical modeling technology of hot rolled sheet on a continuous longitudinal wedge mill     155-165

Kazakh khanate in space and time     166-169

Satpaev and Kazakhstan oil     170-172

Science on the eve of a new stage of development    173-177